Hey guys,¬†it’s been a while! My schedule is finally loosening up a bit, so I grabbed the opportunity to create a new brush set. I hope you’ll find it useful!

Press the Green button at the bottom to download the brushes.

The set contains five different brushes:

  • The first brush is for blocking in the main shapes.
  • Second brush has an intense texture to it. Good for texturing your clouds.
  • Third one is basically the opposite of the second brush. It’s smooth and soft – good for hand painted details.
  • Fourth is similar to the first one but with much sharper edges.
  • The final one is a soft cloud brush for painting puffy clouds.


Use them in combination with one another for an organic look.

These are just textured brushes, they are not magic. You still need to put in the work to make your clouds look good. Look at reference, think about lighting etc.

Use smudge brushes for edge control and texture control. You can download some smudge brushes  here.


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