Today’s Photoshop Brushes are for adding wear and tear to your objects and designs. If you stop after shading and texturing in most cases the designs will look fake or lifeless to the viewer.  This is especially true for robots and other hard surface designs. Add a wear and tear pass to your rendering process to make your designs more believable.

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The set contains three different brushes:

  • The first one is for painting peeled off or scratched off paint. Once you finished painting you can add an Outer Glow to the layer for more believability. Set the Outer Glow’s blending mode to Multiply or Darken and change its color to fit the paint’s color. You can reduce its opacity a bit too.
  • The second brush is for painting scratches. You can increase the size for deeper scratches.
  • The third one is for painting dirt or wearing.


Shade and texture your object before applying wear and tear.

If you want to paint metal surface, pick the local color, lower its saturation to 3-7% and increase it’s brightness slightly.

To paint metal you can also desaturate a copy of your shaded object, apply a layer mask to it and fill it with black. Then you can paint with white on the layer mask, which will slowly reveal the metal surface.

Once your effect is done you can add a few brushstrokes on a separate layer set to Color Dodge or Overlay.

photoshop brushes wear and tear photoshop brushes wear and tear photoshop brushes wear and tear

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