Today’s Photoshop brushes are for painting skin. They were requested by “Chloé”

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The set contains three different brushes:

  • The first brush is for texturing the skin. You can use it to paint directly with color, or on a separate Overlay layer using grayscale.
  • The second brush is the most important for achieving the realistic skin look. Use it for painting highlights with the color of the main light source.
  • The third one is for painting freckles or adding variety to the skin.


Use higher chroma colors at the edges of  shadows to illustrate a property of the light called sub surface scattering. Exaggerate the effect in case of a point light source and tone it down in case of diffused light.

Don’t add tone variation to dark shadows, just leave them one color.

For details use the default soft brush with noise added. You can also increase its spacing a bit.

Gather references before painting.

photoshop brushes skin photoshop brushes skin photoshop brushes skin photoshop brushes skin

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