Today’s Photoshop brushes are for painting lip texture. They were requested by “Sri”

Press the Green button at the bottom to download the brushes.

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The set contains three different texture brushes:

  • The first brush is a dense lip texture with lots of details. Once you have the shape of the lips and you decided on the color, add a few brush strokes with this brush and you’re almost done. It saves you a lot of detailing time.
  • The second brush has a less detailed texture. You can use it when going for a painterly look, or to paint extra highlights and shadows.
  • The third one works good for really glossy highlights, and for painting reflected light. I would use it in combination with the other two.


Use smudge brushes to add soft shadows quickly. You can download a pack of 5 smudge brushes here.

Lay out the base first before you start texturing.

For extra details use the default soft brush with noise added.

Gather references before painting.

photoshop brushes lip texture photoshop brushes lip texture photoshop brushes lip texture

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