Today’s Photoshop Brushes are for painting ground texture.

Press the Green button at the bottom to download the brushes.

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The set contains three different brushes:

  • The first one works well for basic soil or dirt roads.
  • The second brush is for painting dry, cracked ground texture.
  • The third is for really grungy ground surface or dried mud.


DO NOT use the texture brush in it’s original form — define your ground plane first and adjust the brush angle to fit the plane you’re working on. See the steps below:

Select your brush – go to Window/Brush or press F5 to access the brush panel – adjust the roundness to fit the angle of the ground plane.


Set a base color for the ground and use the texture on that afterwards.

Use a little Hue variation in the dirt for a better effect.

photoshop brushes ground texture photoshop brushes ground texture photoshop brushes ground texture

Download Brushes