Today’s Photoshop brushes are for painting fish scales. They were requested by “ADamselinDesign”

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To achieve the desired results see the tips below. It requires some work to get the effect right.

The set contains three different brushes:

  • The first brush has a dense scale texture. I think this works nice with almost anything.
  • The second brush can be used for deep sea creatures. The texture is a less conventional so it works quite well with made up characters.
  • The third one is a bulkier texture. It can work well for painting mermaid tails.


Start texturing your painting only after you have a base to build upon. Don’t start with these texture brushes, and when you use them be aware of the direction of the scales.

Using grayscale and Dodge/Burn tools in the texturing phase works way better than blending modes.

Once your texture looks in place you can experiment with blending modes ranging from Overlay to Color Dodge to add hue and chroma variation.

Don’t over-texture shadows. Textures are most prominent in the area where the light fades into shadow (halftone); try to tone down textures in shadows as much as possible. In deep shadows eliminate them entirely.

For extra details use the default pressure sensitive soft brush or with noise added.

When painting, watch images of fish for reference.

photoshop brushes fish scales photoshop brushes fish scales photoshop brushes fish scales

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